Instant Dry Diatomite Absorbent Bath Mat-Medium

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What is Diatomite ? 
Diatomite is a sediment that was formed from phytoplankton (diatom) shell fossil deposits in the ancient seas and lakes of cretaceous period. Diatom shells have many pores and are known for their ability to absorb and release water ( humidity control ) as well as their ability to control odors. The natural materials used in Diatomite Bath Mat allows it not only to dry quickly but also to combat mold and dust mites.

Diatomite is a type of fossil sediment . Its pores and holes allow it to breathe , and therefore makes the product different from those made of fibers , in that it constantly maintains a dry surface , making it difficult for bacteria and mold to grow. Once the bath mat has absorbed a certain amount of water , it will naturally release the moisture as it breathes . Because of these qualities the surface of this bath mat remains naturally smooth and dry.

  • Instant-dry bath mat
  • Made of Diatomite (a fossil sediment)
  • Off-white color
  • Absorbs water and naturally releases moisture
  • Spot clean when needed
  • Medium: 17.71 inches long x 13.7 inches wide x 0.4 inches deep
  • Large: 23.6 inches long x 15.3 inches wide x 0.4 inches deep